Convert & Export 15+ Email Formats to Multiple File Formats

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Email conversion software are a preferred solution to avoid cumbersome manual procedures so as to convert emails to a different email format than the existing one. When it comes to features that a substantial email converter should possess, the following requirements hold foremost priority: –

  • It should be user friendly and time savior.
  • It should support files that require to be converted.
  • Conversion must be precise and authenticate.

Email Conversion Software that fulfills the above requirements in the most effective way is MailPRO+. The Email Conversion coherently converts emails from multiple email clients into different file formats. It offers conversion of PST, OST, OLM, MSG and many more to other file formats like PST,EML, MSG, PDF, CSV, HTML and TIFF.

Email Conversions files Assisted By MailPRO+

The Email Conversion Tool supports conversion of nearly 15+ email file formats to 7+ file formats.

Email Formats Supported For Conversion

  • MS Outlook (*.pst)
  • MS Outlook for Mac (*.olm)
  • Outlook Offline (*.ost)
  • MS Exchange Server (*.edb)
  • Outlook Express (*.dbx)
  • IncrediMail 2.0 (*.imm)
  • Sea Monkey (*.*)
  • Lotus Notes (*.nsf)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (*.*)
  • Eudora Database (*.mbx)
  • MBOX (*.*)
  • MSG (.msg)
  • EML (.eml)
  • The BAT! Database (*.tbb)

Output File Formats Supported

  • PST
  • EML
  • MSG
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • CSV
  • TIFF

How To Differentiate Between Hoard Of Email Conversion

An anonymous search on web for email converters shows up several of them each exhibiting different features. All of them offer different features which are all the more same in their functionality. The big question which arises is How to differentiate amongst various email conversion so as to get optimum results?

List of features which make an email converter an ideal one are:

  • Ease Of Usability
  • Email conversion Software is a very lengthy process and no one likes to carry it out by a complicated tool. An appropriate email converter has user friendly user interface so as to make the conversion an easy process.

  • Accuracy
  • The most important feature looked upon by the users is the accuracy with which the Email Conversion tool converts email file formats. Therefore, a perfect email converter should maintain the data integrity of the emails intact.

  • Adaptability
  • The Email conversion Software should easily adapt to the input and the output file formats. An ideal converter should be efficient enough to produce results in the desired file format.

  • Reasonable Pricing
  • The pricing of the email Conversion Tool should be adjusted so as to make it cost-effective for every user. Since there are users who just need to do the conversion once. Thus the users look out for a tool with reasonable price.

  • Designed By A Reputed Organization
  • The quality of an email conversion will obviously be good if it is coming from a reputed organization. Also the customer support of the organization should be efficient enough so as to hand a helping hand.

Why To Opt For MailPRO+?

MailPRO+ Email Conversion Software is one of the most user friendly email converter offering an intuitive user graphical interface. Its GUI resembles the interface of MS Outlook so as to facilitate the users to understand its working in a quick manner. The various options in the Email Conversion Software panel make it easier for the users to convert the emails in a proper manner.

MailPro+ Email Conversion holds the capability to convert more than 15+ email file formats to 7+ file formats. It advance scans the input file format before converting it to other format. You can view your email files in different views like hex view, hop view, attachments view and many more. It customizes the output email file by applying options like naming conventions, excluding duplicate emails and maintaining folder hierarchy.

Additional to all the features of MailPro+ Email Conversion Software the best feature which it offers is the maintenance of data integrity of the input file format. The email converter does no compromise with the data stored in the input file after it is converted to other file.

The Email Conversion Tool is a result of the continuous effort of our organization which is tailored to fit the needs of users of various domains. The Email Conversion Software is best fitted for forensic investigators in order to search the emails and to carry out a deep analysis of the emails.

Usually all the enhanced features in the tool makes the user assume that the price of MailPro+ will be quiet high. But this is not true as price is one of its greatest benefits. The Email Conversion tool comes at a price of just $299.

Check Out The Free Trial In A Click

Since you are now familiar with Email Converter Tool, it is time to experience its working on your own. You will have to fill no forms and can use it for as long as you desire. You can check out all the features of MailPRO+ with the trial version before purchasing the license version.