About Us

About Us

Email analysis is an essential part of Digital Forensics. Working around the challenges of collecting and investigating e-messages involves adopting variety of tricks and techniques so as to get through with relevant evidences. Through a flexible platform is offered to experts to examine emails from/on different platforms. We, at MailPRO+, have worked with a humongous quantity of email messages for the purpose of providing solutions ranging from; conversion, migration to analysis. Our expert team has had a consistency in proficiently handling all the cases with equal attentiveness provided, to get a successful result oriented output. Team work along with expert level guidance has been our principal key to achieve optimum results in cases undertaken by us or entirely by the application in standalone.


proposes a simplified solution that can help to overcome major limitations of email management, accessibility, and analysis. With experience of years and thorough analysis of market demand, has come up with a strategic development in the form of to fulfil requirements of Email Migration/Conversion/Forensics/Archiving and eDiscovery.

Our Vision

Simplifying the way how emails are processed is our objective. With understanding of email anatomy, we ensure that aspects of organizing the messaging data like carving evidences, migrating mailbox, preparing DR plan etc. are covered up proficiently in single application integration. The software support 80+ email client and 20+ email formats.