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An Email Recovery Tool Programmed with Steadfast Accuracy and Convenience

MailPro+ is a competent Email Recovery tool that is proficient & easily operable at the same time. Its existence has proved highly successful in the field of Email Recovery with analysis facility provided for more than 20 email repository formats.

On total, MailPro+ can handle the forensics of 20+ email storage formats and examine as many as, 80+ email applications. This makes it a platform to rely upon for the forensics of some of the universally employed email communication applications.

One of the setting apart qualities in MailPro+ is, more than 7 independently facilitating options are provided to analyze portions of email header. The ability enhances & intensifies the experience of accomplishing forensics of electronic messages.

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What To Look For In MailPro+ Email Recovery Tool?

Following are the qualitative benefits of MailPro+: -

Relaiability and Accuracy

Reliability & accuracy go hand in hand from the start of analysis.

Adaptable User Interface

The adaptable UI makes the operations convenient for end users.

Responsive & Pro – Active

The tool is highly responsive in loading & traversing bulk files of different types.

Deep Exploration

Deep Exploration of particular emails via advanced search types.

Accounts Extraction

Accounts Extraction of examined email output with detailed information.

Reasonably Quoted

Reasonably Quoted at a low price, compared to the facilities serviced.

MailPro+ offers a wider range of features apart from the qualities listed above. A combination of these features makes MailPro+ first choice of investigators around the world anxious about Email Recovery of different email clients.

Detect Files From Disk Or Partition

Apart from the fact that the application has a quick and intuitive performance, it also does not compromise on the end user's convenience. Files to be analyzed can be looked for – on the entire disk or a particular partition. The option is a subdivision of the File Selection feature which offers – Single and Bulk selection of file besides the Find mode.

Email Recovery tool is a relied upon solution worldwide by an audience of investigators dealing with the complicated forensics of chunks of email formats. Compact analysis of emails belonging to different platforms in bulk quantity at once simplifies the examination to a greater level.

While, the additional provision of file detection on disk furthermore contributes to the convenience and rate at which the analysis is commenced and concluded.

Process A Variety Of Email Storage

Processing of email storage variants is one of the strongest characteristics facilitated by the tool. Including most of the commonly used email file types encourages the forensic analysis of more and more email platforms which MailPro+ successfully does.

Apart from that, multiple files of different origin can be processed at the very same time without accuracy compromised with.

Inside Out Analysis of Email Metadata

The email recovery features two of the most enhanced options to analyze emails both; inside and out. 7+ email views and a multi-level advanced search option promote the in-depth investigation of emails along with forensic analysis of email headers from a different perspective each. One for internal analysis, while the other for external investigation.

The first set of feature makes it possible for examiners to look within the emails on a profound manner with options like – Normal view of the email, hexadecimal value forensic email investigation, message header examination, and much more.

On the other hand, the latter makes provision for finding out a particular set of emails on the basis of relevancy with – search type, parameters, operators, and keyword match applied.

Gratification Expressed By Clients of MailPro+

"We deal with a variety of email platforms and with MailPro+ the examination of each has become a lot easier and feasible at once!" – Monique Swanson, Law Enforcer

"Working with emails in bulk number concealing critical information and joints was a tiresome task before employing MailPro+ Email Recovery tool for the job that offers an instantaneous service." – Arthur Christensen, Sr. Investigator

"The programming of this email recovery is highly commendable with no limitations associated to its processing capabilities." – Lynette Casey, Student, Computer Forensics

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