Privacy Policy

MailPRO+ is determined to safeguarding end user privacy so we ensure to keep the privacy of information intact that is shared with us by you. We make sure that information personal to your is only collected for the outlined purposes and not otherwise. We do not share, sell, rent, or distribute information regarding you or purchase you made at, with any external sources. We prohibit sharing or distributing your private information outside the strict necessity for conforming to the obligations we have towards you. We use your information shared to us with your sole permission for the exclusive purpose of refining your experience our website and to send product related information. MailPro+ strongly opposes the idea of selling your personal details for purposes whatsoever.

Kindly read the Privacy Policy to interpret the type of information collected, purpose with which it is used for, and measures taken to protect it and you. For further explanations or enquiry, you can write to us at

Personal Details Collected: - MailPro+ does not collect your particulars without your permission. No personal information related to you is revealed in any form while browsing our website. You are required to register at our Support Centre while placing an order via our website. We receive contact information associated to you with this process. You are required to submit your original name & a valid email address for us to respond to your query corresponding to the software, support, and/or icon purchasing. All the collected personal information is further stored safely with the help of network firewalls & procedures of access control with the purpose of eliminating any/all chances of unauthorized access to it. Utmost confidentiality is considered while treating and maintaining your personal information.

Usage of Collected Personal Information

Online Order

Personal details associated to you like: email address, contact & other details are collected by us while you place an order online. This set of information is further used for shipping your order and confirming its placement. To seek clarifications regarding the order place or associated correspondence, we shall use the contact information that you share with us.
The software has an entrusted reputation amongst investigators owing to its email analysis caliber in resolving phishing, email threat, and various other cybercrime cases of the law enforcement.