Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail

Versatile Migration of Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail

  • Export multiple emails from Thunderbird to Live Mail
  • Provide naming conventions option to save files in multiple styles
  • Availability of Advanced Search Functionality to identify all emails
  • Optional Feature to exclude the duplicate items during migration
  • Tool successfully gives the preview mode to analyze Thunderbird files
  • Automatic identification of default location of Thunderbird Mailbox Location.
  • 7+ Preview Mode to analyze Thunderbird Mailboxes

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There are certain steps, which helps to import email messages from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail such as:



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Earlier I have been using Mozilla Thunderbird for a while and now I am tired of the lag while trying to choose multiple emails and due to lack of documentation. Therefore I want to transfer each mail, contacts, folders, etc., back to Windows Live Mail. Thus, I need to know any useful solution, which can easily migrate Thunderbird to Live Mail


The Challenges and Issues

When Migrating from Lotus Notes to Thunderbird the challenges and the issues which comes are: -

  • Is the software maintain meta properties after migration procedure?
  • Can I perform bulk migration of thunderbird files to windows file format?
  • Are attachments also become exported to Windows Live Mail?
  • Can the software easily transfer attachments during migration procedure?
  • Does the software need any other application for the migration?
  • What is the estimated time required to Import Mozilla Thunderbird to windows Live Mail?


The Solution

Migrating an existing application from one platform to another is a quite complicated process. Therefore, to solve these problem users want Thunderbird to Live Mail Migrator software. This software is generally designed to export Thunderbird mails to Windows Live Mail. In addition, the migrator tool comes up with multiple advanced features and has the capability to migrate email from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail in bulk. Moreover, this tool offered all components of emails including metadata and attachments. Also, the application provides various naming patterns to save the exported .eml files. In order to avoid the duplicate email items to be exported from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail.


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How MailPRO+ Works?


Does the software move emails from Thunderbird to Live Mail in bulk?


Yes, this tool also permits a user to migrate all the files in batch form.


Does the tool allows to delete duplicate emails while performing the migration from Mozilla Thunderbird to Live Mail?


Yes, while exporting all the emails from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail the users can choose the filter option for excluding the duplicate emails


Does the software automatically detect the location of Thunderbird file?


Yes, Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail tool comes with a special feature that users can search all the files in .mbox format automatically to perform the migration process.


Can I export Thunderbird MBOX files of more than 2 GB in size to Windows Live Mail with this migrator tool?


Yes, the tool is capable to migrate any size of Thunderbird (.mbox) to Windows Live Mail even more than 2 GB file size

"Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail Migrator tool is an amazing tool that I used to export Thunderbird messages to Windows Live Mail. The migration was done to maintain the technical properties of emails and outcomes were consistent. Really, exports all emails from Thunderbird to Live Mail without any difficulty. Moreover, I found this tool is user-friendly and provides satisfactory results.

David Crose, Australia

I have never even thought that migration from Thunderbird to Live Mail will be so simple and easy. Even I must appreciate to this wonderful Thunderbird to Live mail migrator for helping me in such a great manner. I was so relaxed when this tool helped me to exclude all the duplicate data files and export thousands of MBOX emails to Windows Mail. Great Work!!

Terry Keath, Scotland

Mozilla Thunderbird may be a little bit complex to configure and may provide lots of option for the average users. While Windows Live Mail can handle the variety of email accounts and also have lots of flexibility. Moreover, Windows live mail is a quick and easy email client. Therefore, sometimes the need of Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail migration arises.".

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