The Advance Features Options - Complete Description

The Elaborated Description of Proficient Features of Software

Multiple Naming Convention

It assist you to manage similar kinds of emails and helps you to distinguish an email from huge piles of emails data. It diminishes the time taken by the user to perform the search for particular email. Proper naming is required to effectively manage the items.
The various naming convention provide by the tool are:-

  • Subject:-
    The Subject Identifier will be useful when you want to sort the emails on the basis of subject of the emails.

  • Subject + Date(DD-MM-YYYY)
    The main motive for using this naming convention to maintain the chronological order of emails. Now a days, almost all the operating systems provides the functionality to save the file accordingly

  • From + Subject + Date(YYYY-MM-DD)
    This will let you to sort the emails on the basis of From (sender email address), Subject (Content in the Subject field) and the date with year as (year-month-date).

  • Date(DD-MM-YYYY) + From + Subject
    This naming convention can used if you have the email created in the same year and sorted according with respect to from and subject wise.

  • Date(MM-DD-YYYY) + Subject + From
    It will assists you to sort the emails on the basis of month of the creation of the emails with subject as the second identifier with From.

  • Date(YYYY- MM-DD) + Subject
    If you have the large collection of emails having same sender information but the year of creation is different. Then you can use this convention to sort the emails on the basis of year first then month and at the end date (YYYY-MM-DD). It assists to sort out email files in a numeric sequential order.

  • MD5
    When a file format gets stored with MD5 extension then, it means a hash code is also added with the email so that it can be easily examined. Message Digest algorithm 5 is basically a cryptographic hash function that picks up random data from a file and creates its hash for further examination.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

In order to keep the folder structure intact, the tool provides the option to maintain the folder hierarchy. When you choose this option then software maintains the same folder hierarchy in the destination file like in the source file. By this way you can categorize and organize the files folder easily and effectively.

Create Top Folder

You are able to create the Top folder according to your requirement when you choose this option.

Merge Exported File Option

After selecting the Create Top folder option then only you are able to use this option to merge the exported items in the same folder

Excludes Duplicates Items

The tool provides you the functionality to remove the duplicate emails items being export to the destination file format. For the same, you have to choose the Excludes Duplicates Items.