SeaMonkey to Thunderbird Migration Tool

Perfect Migration Solution from Seamonkey to Thunderbird

  • Allows to transfer mailboxes from SeaMonkey to  Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Easy to merge exported SeaMonkey data files in bulk
  • Renders multiple views for previewing SeaMonkey emails
  • Maintains on-disk hierarchical structure of the files and folder
  • Option to delete the duplicate files from SeaMonkey emails
  • Auto search option for the SeaMonkey file on the hard disk
  • Filter SeaMonkey mails by using advanced search option

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Procedural Approach to Migrate Seamonkey to Mozilla Thunderbird



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I am using the seamonkey email client for a long time . I do not have any issues upto time before upgrading to the Windows Platform. The profile file pref.js gets corrupted and unable to load mailboxes. I cannot set up multiple account also. That's Why I have decided to move to another email application i.e. Thunderbird. As I am unable how to export SeaMonkey mail to Thunderbird. Therefore searching for a reliable solution to do the same.”


The Challenges and The Issues

There are many challenges that a user encounter while performing migration from SeaMonkey emails to Thunderbird are discussed below:

  • Can I export SeaMonkey emails to Thunderbird in bulk at once?
  • Is it possible to migrate attachments associated with the SeaMonkey emails?
  • Is there any option available to exclude the duplicate files from SeaMonkey email client?
  • Does the software impose any file size restriction during migration from SeaMonkey to Mozilla Thunderbird?
  • Is it necessary to require any extra email application for the migration?
  • How long does the software take to complete the migration procedure?


The Solution

As everyone knows that the migration from one platform to another is not so simple. Therefore, it is always recommended to go for a third party solution i.e. SeaMonkey to Mozilla Thunderbird Migration tool. It is the best software, which designed to move emails from SeaMonkey to Thunderbird in a reliable way. Additionally, it offers unique features that attract users to utilize this tool instead of others. There is no file size restriction imposed by this software and also migrate multiple emails from SeaMonkey to Thunderbird at once. Moreover, an amazing part of this software is it maintains the data integrity and also remove the duplicate files without any data loss.


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How MailPRO+ Works?


Is this software capable to import emails from SeaMonkey to Mozilla Thunderbird in bulk?


Yes, users can easily migrate all the email messages to Mozilla Thunderbird in bulk.


Can I add exported SeaMonkey files to Thunderbird?


Yes, this tool can easily merge all the files after SeaMonkey to Thunderbird migration.


Does the software provides delete duplicate emails option during migration procedure?


Yes, while exporting emails from SeaMonkey to Thunderbird users allow to choose the filter to keep out the duplicate emails


Does the software detect the location of SeaMonkey emails automatically?


Yes, SeaMonkey to Thunderbird migration tool comes with an attractive feature that the tool will search all the files in .mbox type automatically to execute the migration.

"SeaMonkey to Mozilla Thunderbird is a great utility with incredible features. I can also migrate all my email messages from SeaMonkey to Thunderbird accurately. I would like to recommend this software to everybody for the migration process. Thanks for developing a wonderful software

Mirinda Lacotse, Australia

The best part I liked about this SeaMonkey to Thunderbird migration tool is that its user interfaces and exclude the duplicate data files during the entire process. For being a non-technical person, I can even export SeaMonkey mail to Thunderbird easily. I heartily want to appreciate the developer team who had created an incredible solution. Thanks a lot

David Crose, Australia

SeaMonkey uses MBOX file for each email, which are stored in a separate MBOX file as plain text. Whereas Thunderbird is a versatile quick search email application designed by the developer. Therefore, most of the users want to switch from SeaMonkey to Thunderbird. As the manual to migrate SeaMonkey emails to Thunderbird is very monotonous so, one can use this Best SeaMonkey to Thunderbird migration tool. Even a non-technical user can use this tool without any expert help.

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