Incredimail to Outlook Migration Tool!

Effectual Utility to Migrate IncrediMail IMM File to MS Outlook PST File

  • Scan and migrate multiple Incredimail emails to Outlook.
  • Automatically locate Incredimail files stored in machine.
  • 7+ email preview options for analyzing Incredimail mails
  • Option to export selective Incredimail mails to Outlook.
  • Meta properties of mails are kept intact
  • Recovers from both healthy & corrupted file
  • No size limitation of the IncrediMail Email file
  • Incredimail installation not necessary for conversion.


  • Apart from IncrediMail IMM Files to Outlook PST, the software migrate IncrediMail files in more than seven file formats.
  • Software support more than 14 Email Client Platform

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How IncrediMail to Outlook Migration is Done?



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The IncrediMail

The IncrediMail is a freely available desktop-based email client for storing email messages, contacts, and exchanging emails. It provides unique multimedia features to make exchange of messages fun & interesting. It has some similar features of other email clients like POP, IMAP, and SMTP etc. Email notifiers to give update of new message, several emoticons, animated 3D effects etc. are also supported. IncrediMail is all about having fun with your email. It uses IMM file format as proprietary storage to store their e-mails. The file of IncrediMail is stored in the directory: "C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\IM\Identities\{String of numbers}\Message Store\Messages\1"


The Microsoft Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook is a commonly used email client supporting calendar and task tracking features. Outlook provides many MS office applications like MS word, SharePoint etc. The users of Outlook can send & receive meeting invitations and share calendar with other Outlook users on the network. Outlook is not an open source application that means it is not free. The application stores its data locally within a single data file called Personal Storage Table (PST). Outlook is mainly used by professional and Enterprise level users as it gives many superior features that other email client does not support.


The Challenges and The Issues

The transfer from IncrediMail to Outlook is often preferred by many of the IncrediMail users as IncrediMail email client provides too many colorful features like 3D effects, animation, personalized email notifiers etc. that is not useful for professional users. Though it is easy and fun to use, IncrediMail lacks many of the features power business users need, such as encrypted emails, conversation views, and phishing filters. All of these features are, however, included with Microsoft Outlook providing a secure enterprise email-client option with cross-program functionality that is integrated with various Microsoft Office applications.

IncrediMail does not have any in-built tool to export mail from IncrediMail to Outlook. Therefore, the only solution is using third party tool to export IncrediMail mail to Outlook.


The Solution

IncrediMail to Outlook Migration Tool is one solution to migrate all the mails of IncrediMail to MS Outlook PST file. The software will quickly scan the IMM file where the emails of IncrediMail are stored and will export them to a single PST file making it accessible in MS Outlook. The migration tool recovers all the emails from the corrupted IncrediMail IMM files without data loss. It can successfully scan and export messages from any size of IMM file and convert it into UNICODE PST file. It also gives several preview modes like Normal View, Properties view, RTF view etc.

MailPro+ is an effective tool for easy migration of IncrediMail to Outlook. It keeps the meta-data of the mails intact as it was before even after the migration process.


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How MailPRO+ Works?


Does the software support bulk migration of Incredimail emails to Outlook?


Yes, the Incredimail to Outlook Migration supports converting bulk Incredimail emails to Outlook format without any issues.


Is Outlook installation necessary for migration of mails?


No, Outlook installation is not necessary while performing the migration process. However, it will be required to access emails after they are converted to Outlook format.


Is there any size limitation on the Incredimail file that has to be migrated?


No, there is no size limit as such, on the Incredimail file that has to be migrated to Outlook format.


How can we view the attachments in Incredimail mails before migration?


The attachments embedded in the Incredimail emails can be viewed with the help of Attachments view that is available in the Incredimail to Outlook Migration tool itself.

Incredimail to Outlook Migration Tool enabled me to migrate the entire Incredimail emails in a short span of time. It is a hassle-free utility and does the migration without any issues. I am really satisfied with it.

Elena Carson, United States

Before using Incredimail To Outlook Migration tool, I was unsure whether it will be a perfect tool for the conversion or not. However, after using it, I cannot think I can switch to any other software ever. Really it's a great tool.

Homer Holmes, London

Demo Version Limitations and Upgrade Benefits
Features Free (DEMO) Version Full (PRO) Version
Add Incredimail Emails in Bulk
Multi Preview Mode
Migrate in More than seven file Formats
Support all Windows version including Windows 10
Add Files of any size 10 Files per Collection Unlimited
Version Free $299
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