Experience A Powerful, Easy and Superlative Email Migration Tool

Email migration has always been a tedious & a time – taking procedure. It is obvious to come across a lot of email migration issues when going through mechanical method of migration of email messages from one platform to another. It doesn't matter whether you are transferring only few email messages or migrating in bulk, but finding out a software solution that would fit perfectly into your mold of requirements often becomes a matter of concern. That's because mailbox migration can be portrayed just like the transformation of messages over data cables. In this process if transmission is not carried out through proper cables, then there is an absolute probability of data loss which is difficult to compensate. To avoid data loss when you migrating email use trustworthy Email Migration Tool

Three Different Migration Methods: Which One, You Would Prefer?

Email migration Software can be fairly considered as a switch from one type of email account to another for example: from Mac Outlook 2011 to Outlook for Windows platform. So, before you resort out to choose any of the migration methods, weigh your options clearly.

A Supplement Program

Although this option is not available with all the email clients but whenever it is there, it takes a long time for executing the email migration process.

Any Kind of Free Application

Getting along with free solutions would be one of the preferred choices to escape from the long time taking procedures of manual process.

Availing Third-Party Solution

Get a free trial and if convinced, go for email migration tool. You certainly pay for them but you never stand at the odds of losing your data.

Do you really want to ensure that your next email migration runs into absolute success without any form of laxity?

Notable Benefits

  • Intuitive user interface to guide throughout migration
  • Works upon enhanced efficiency to ensure zero data loss
  • Easy installation and configuration: no complexity issues involved
  • Friendly technical support service for addressing your concerns
  • Reliable and precise migration of email messages

Is this Email Migration Tool Really Dependable?

Among all our clients, one of the reputed bank in England required to migrate their 45,000 user mail accounts from Lotus Notes platform to Microsoft Outlook. The system administrator spent almost months together to carry out this migration process. Whenever such kind of migration issues occur, system administrators keep in mind not to lose single bit of data during the process of transferring messages. They could not find a suitable one to fit into their requirement. Their basic need was a reliable and precise tool that would ensure leave zero footprints during migration process. After evaluating several products, they came across Mail Pro+. This was the end of their evaluation of programs. They put down their selection as Mail Pro+. If a top financial institution has chosen Mail Pro+ as a dependable solution for their extensive migration operation, you can fairly give your hands into it without bothering about the quantity of email messages that you require to transfer.

Absolutely Zero Loss of Data with MailPRO+ Email Migration Software

Now, if you can recollect about the data cable we have taken into consideration, you must have made it a point in your mind that's such kind of data loss never happens to you in case of email migration. You can completely rely upon MailPRO+ for precise migration of email messages from one emailing platform to another. This includes export of email messages with the following details: -

  • Original folder hierarchy maintained
  • No change in message formatting structure
  • Retains email status elements such as read, flagged, etc.
  • All the meta data content of email messages are also retained
  • Keeps the embedded attachments and images intact
  • Information like sender's & receiver's email address are unchanged

Give the software a Trial by Our Free Demo Version We have given ample space to our customers to decide clearly on whether they should give it into buying or not. We have made this process easier for them by providing the free trial version of Email Migration Tool. Download the free trial version of email migration Software to know its functionality and features well. However, the demo version has limited functionality .i.e., you can export 50 items and add only 2 files of each kind. Further, it allows users to scan a file up to 2GB and facilitates the addition of only 10 files in a group.