How Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter Software Works

Eminent Features of IBM Notes to Outlook Converter

Create Collections

The Lotus Notes to Outlook converter yield the advanced functionality for creation of collections. User can traverse multiple file types and can save the operations for further usage. This feature allow to save all the activities (scan & search). The procedure of creation, opening and closing of these case collections in this tool allows to handle the files that are traversed robustly.

Option for Recursive Listing

The Lotus Notes mailbox to Outlook converter allows to collectively view all the emails which are in the main folder and its sub folders. Users can easily avail the listed view of emails that are provided under the top folder (Single Folder). Take a quick preview of emails in the nested folders too by performing conversion of Lotus Notes to Outlook file format.

Search Filters with 10+ Parameters

The software provides an advanced search option for filtering the evidences from emails. The Lotus Notes has the functionality to equip 10+ email searching parameters that includes: Subject, From, To, Sent Date, MD5, Has Attachment, Received Date & Modified Date. These option provides a platform for keyword based search.

Folder Hierarchy

The Lotus Notes file to Outlook conversion follows the concept of folder hierarchy. The tool keeps the folder & the sub folder hierarchy intact even after you import Lotus Notes mailbox to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 & below. The internal structure of directory will also remain same as that of the source Lotus Notes file.

7+ Mail Preview Modes

With this software you can easily preview the entire email data with the properties including different kinds of modes. The broad range includes Hex view, Message header view, Normal mail view, Properties View, Hierarchical view, HTML view, Properties view, Attachment view, RTF view etc.

Customize Export Settings

The export option provided by the utility gives an option to customize. Users can easily customize the naming conventions including: Subject, Subject + Date & many more other patterns. Thus using this options users can customize emails according to the requirements.

Case Study – Convert Lotus Notes Mailbox to Outlook


  • A while ago, Mr. Barry had an issue when he had to transfer all emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook. In their organization, they use Lotus Notes for email communication. But, now they are switching their email client to MS Outlook.
  • Due to the growing popularity of Outlook, many users are moving their data to Outlook. The file format which is used in Outlook is thus it stores 50GB of data according to the version. Due to its size it becomes easier for many employees to store the data in huge amount. The another very crucial reason that why Mr. Barry want to transfer Lotus Notes email to Outlook is that the Outlook email client offers better manageability of data apart from others.
  • So now the problem which arises for Mr. Barry is that how to import Lotus Notes emails to Outlook, he tried various manual techniques but was not able to perform the migration. So, now all he wanted was a trusted solution using which he can move to Outlook in a reliable way.

The trusted Solution

As per the requirement of Mr. Barry. I opted Mailpro+ Email Exporter software using which I was able to successfully move data from Lotus Notes into Outlook. The most efficient features which made me chose this software are stated below:

  • Supports bulk migration of Lotus Notes emails
  • Provide Mail Preview in 9 ways
  • The software is compatible with Windows 10 & its below versions

Mr. Barry was so astonished after seeing the migration process success. This application works so efficiently that the whole conversion process was completed within minutes without any data loss.

Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter – Working Steps

Step 1: Launch Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter to Create New Collection

Step 2: Select Lotus Notes File to Export Email Messages

Step 3: Choose Search Parameters to Locate a Particular Email

Step 4: Select Outlook Format as the Output Format to Transfer Data

Client Reviews For Lotus Notes Conversion Software


FinancesOnline has rated 8.0 out of 10 to this tool to transfer Lotus Notes files to Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016. It is one of the best email exporter tool to read, search & convert emails from several other email applications. The software also permits users to import the emails into 7 file types in batch.

Working of Email Exporter Software in Simple Steps

How MailPro+ Multi-tasking Software Works?

Search & Export Emails from Multiple Clients

Perform Deep & Advanced Level Scanning

Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter – Specifications

Size: 31.9 MB Version: 1.0


Supported Editions

IBM Notes to Outlook Conversion – FAQ's

While importing Lotus Notes to Outlook the software by default creates a UNICODE file. It does not matter how large the file size is, the tool save its content in UNICODE Outlook file only.

This is an optional feature of the software. If you want to transfer Lotus Notes email to Outlook excluding the duplicates then you must enable the checkbox "Exclude Duplicates" during the migration process.

Differences Between Demo Version & Full Version

What Client Says About Lotus Notes to Outlook Conversion Tool

Client Reviews

No software other than MailPro+ can perform Lotus Notes to Outlook migration of such large collection of Lotus Notes. I got numerous such files that had really crucial data. I need to view these data via Outlook. Lotus Notes Email to Outlook Connector appeared to be a savior as it performed the complete migration, that too, without any data loss. No doubt, I am completely satisfied with the software performance.

Erica Banning, United States

Client Reviews

I would love to call Lotus Notes Email to Outlook Migration tool a flagship tool in the field of email migration. The preservation of the folder hierarchy by the tool even after migration to Outlook seems to be the best part. I have spent dollars on a number of email migration tools, but the biggest issue faced with each one of them was the disruption of a folder structure. But with MailPro+, I have never faced any such issue.

Michael Warne, London