The Bat to Thunderbird Migration

Perfect Migration Solution For The Bat! (*.tbb) to Thunderbird

  • Export Mails from The Bat! to Thunderbird
  • Various options to view The Bat! email attributes
  • Inbuilt option to search for a particular email
  • Stand-alone utility to migrate The Bat to Thunderbird
  • Maintains folder hierarchy during the migration process
  • Filter option to exclude duplicate emails
  • Provide multiple naming conventions option

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I have been using The Bat! Email client for email communication. This is because it provides high level of security and supports multiple security protocols. But instead of this, I want to switch from The Bat! to Thunderbird as the interface of Thunderbird is very easy to understand and not so complex. I have a huge amount of data in The Bat! Therefore, I want all my data back in Thunderbird


The Challenges and The Issues

Those users who want to transfer the data of The Bat! to Mozilla Thunderbird have to face so many challenges during the migration. Some of these challenges are mentioned below:

  • Is the folder or file hierarchy would be maintained even after the migration.
  • If we have to select one file at a time or data can be transferred in bulk.
  • When the emails are transferred from one to another platform, what happens to the attachments?
  • If the size of a particular file of The Bat! email client. Can we export that also?
  • Does the tool need any specific environment for the migration?
  • How much estimated time we have to spend to complete the whole process.


The Solution

Technology is upgrading day-by-day and with the up-gradation, so many email applications come into existence. Users have to face many challenges when they want to move from one to another platform. However, there is a tool namely, The Bat! to Thunderbird Migrator. With the help of this tool users can export all the data of The Bat! email client to Thunderbird. The designing of the tool is so unique, but very easy to understand. The process of the migration is also very easy and quick. Users can move one email at a time or all the emails at once in bulk as per requirement. In addition, this tool supports all the versions of Windows and it is a completely independent utility, which does not require any extra installation to complete the process of migration


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How MailPRO+ Works?


Does the software is capable to export The Bat! to Thunderbird in bulk?


Yes, you can easily shift all your data in bulk at once with the help of The Bat! to Thunderbird Migrator.


Is The Bat! to Thunderbird Migrator is compatible with Mac Platform?


No, it is not compatible with Mac Operating system. This utility is a Windows based application.


Is it necessary to install The Bat! email application in the system to perform the conversion?


No, The Bat! to Thunderbird Converter is a stand- alone utility and does not depend on any application to perform the process of migration.


Does the software maintain the integrity of the data?


Yes, this software retains the integrity of the data throughout the process.

"I always thought that to export The Bat! to Thunderbird is a very tough process. However, The Bat! to Thunderbird Migrator Software completely changed my thinking. I have exported all my TBB files in bulk with the help of this software. The interface of this software is so easy to understand and the process of migration is quick and accurate. Kudos to the whole team of developers.

Wei Fang, Iceland

The interface of Eudora to Thunderbird migrator tool is simple and easy to understand. This tool can run by anyone who does not have more technical knowledge. The best thing I liked about the software that it maintains folder hierarchy during or after the migration process.” Thanks to the development team to develop such a useful product

Peter Masakadza, Sweden

The Bat! to Thunderbird Migrator, is an incredible tool with so many excellent features. This tool has resolved all my problems related to the transfer of the file. With this, tool The Bat! to Thunderbird Migration is very simple. This tool migrate the data in bulk, which is the most important thing as no one want to select each file at a time for the migration. Thanks to the developers team for this laudable software.

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