TBB to EML Converter Tool

Superb Tool for the Conversion of TBB Files to EML

  • Maintain the folder hierarchy of TBB files
  • Excludes the duplicate emails in TBB file.
  • View and Read Emails and their Attachments and Related Properties.
  • Standalone Solution to Open TBB Files without the Bat! Installation
  • Facility to Open TBB File Data within the Software Built-in Previewer
  • Load Emails of Every Folder along with their Email Count Display.
  • Sort Emails according to Varied Factors: Date, Subject, Size etc.

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  • Apart from TBB Emails to EML, the software migrate TBB files in more than seven file formats.
  • Software support more than 14 Email Client Platform

More Info

Getting Started with Conversion of TBB Emails to EML


Let begins with the process of conversion of TBB Files to EML. Download and Run the software. It asks you to create the new collection by providing Title name, Collection Path, and description.


After successful creation of the collection , click on the scan file button and select the TBB file format from the 14 different format available there by default. Browse the file from the system. There are three option available to browse the file from the system:- 1 Single-mode, 2 Bulk Mode , 3 Find (Automatically browse selected file from the system).


Subsequently browsing the file from the system, TBB to EML Converter Software starts uploading and scanning the file and shows the count of email file scanned. Recursive listing of a file is shown after the completion of the scan process.


Select the email files which you want to convert and click on the Export button. Then select the EML file type from the seven different file format available there by default. Give the storage path to the EML files. Click on the OK button.


I have been working as a Freelancer for an IT company. I have been using The Bat email client for a long time but for now, I am facing a lot of problems to access The BAT email client. So, I am planning to switch all my email data to another email client. But I am having important email files about 1000+ which is saved in TBB format . I am worried as I don’t know how to convert all my important data to another file format (EML) which is easy to access on the open source email clients.


The Challenges and The Issues

When Converting from TBB Emails to EML the challenges and the issues which comes are: -

  • Is the folder structure of the TBB file is maintained?
  • Is the metadata information also get converted?
  • Is it possible to convert the images and attachments also?
  • What is the estimated time to convert 1000 emails?
  • Is there any data leakage?


The Solution

Sometimes the conversion of data with the inappropriate software might lead to loss of data and also corrupt the data files. The loss of data can be minimized if one can use the professionally built TBB to EML Converter tool. It is the collection of extensive features which minimize the data loss and also convert all of your data to EML files with the attachments as well. It retains all the metadata information while maintaining the folder hierarchy.It hardly takes 5 minutes to convert 1500 mail file at a time to EML. There is no possibility of data leakage because of malicious software. It works in the totally isolated environment


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How MailPRO+ Works?


What is the file size limitation?


There is no file size limitation for the pro version of TBB to EML Converter while there are restrictions on the demo version, only 2GB file can be added.


Does the software supports the multiple TBB file at the same time?


Yes, You can convert multiple TBB file to EML at the same time.


Is the attachments also converts to the EML files?


Yes, The attachments also included in the same EML file.

Converting the TBB Emails to EML is just like the nightmare for me but with the TBB to EML Converter tool it look easy.

Mark Kensal, Switzerland

I have used this tool to convert TBB files to EML Format and Worked very well. I loved this tool very much. .

Jerry Oxenford, London

Very useful and most recommendable tool with so many extensive features. Happy to find the TBB to EML Converter by you.

William Putilin, Italy

TThe user interface of the BAT email is not mends for the user with the non-technical background. Such user faces difficulty in accessing The Bat email application. It is specially designed for the advance user who has more practical technical knowledge. It is not so famous that its information can be easily found in the community or the forums. So the user who access this software mainly prefers to migrate to another email client with all of his data. This can only be possible If you convert your data into EML files which are supported by many reputed email clients such as Mozilla thunderbird, Windows live Mail etc

Demo Version Limitations and Upgrade Benefits
Features Free (DEMO) Version Full (PRO) Version
Batch conversion of TBB files to EML
Preview Email Data
Export in More than seven file Formats
Support all Windows version including Windows 10
Add Files of any size
Unlimited Collection
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