What is MSG File?

Overview – What is MSG File Extension?

The MSG file extension is the format used by the Microsoft Outlook to store the email messages, contact, task or appointments created or saved with it. Apart from this it also contains the email header information such as date, senders, recipient, subject and the message body or the contact information, tasks descriptions etc. The MSG file stores the information about the header and the main body in the ASCII text format.

The MSG file is created just by simply drag and drop of email message, appointments, contact or any other item from the Outlook folder to the Windows Explorer on the desktop. The stores on the Windows Explorer automatically have the MSG file Extension. The same process can be repeated to bring back the MSG file into Outlook.

Category of Application

  • As MSG file Extension only stores the data about single Email file. Therefore it comes in the Document category.

Application Software

The MSG file can easily be open up with the programs that uses the MAPI(Microsoft Messaging Applications Interface)

  • Microsoft Outlook 2013 & 2016
  • Kupon.BG Klammer
  • EZ Freeware Free Opener
  • BitDaddys Email Open View Pro,
  • Encryptomatic MsgViewer Pro
  • 45RPM MailRaider



File Signature:-

It has the following file signature:- Hex value: DO CF 11 E0 A1 B1 E1 String value: Di.ait.a


MSG is the properitory file format developed by Microsoft