TBB to PDF Converter Utility !

Swiftly Convert TBB file to Adobe PDF

  • Metadata and Formatting Preserved
  • Multiple naming conventions for better accessibility
  • Utilize7+ Mail Preview Modes to analyze the TBB mail file
  • User defined orientation of PDF file
  • Embed all attachments of TBB data files to the same PDF
  • Maintained Folder Hierarchy of TBB Data Files
  • Selective conversion of Files/Folders into PDF
  • 23 Different page size formats such as A3, A4, A5, legal etc

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  • Apart from TBB to PDF, the software converts TBB files in more than seven file formats.
  • Software supports more than 14 Email Client Platform

More Info

Getting Started with Conversion of TBB to PDF


Let’s go ahead with the Conversion of The Bat database file to PDF file format. Download and Installs the TBB to PDF Conversion tool. It asks you to create the new collection and to give Title, Collection Path and Description also.


In the next step, it asks you to select the TBB file format from 14 file format available there by default. Browse the file from the system. There are three option available to browse the file from the system:- 1 Single-mode, 2 Bulk Mode, 3 Find (Automatically browse selected file from the system).


Subsequently, after browsing the file from the system, TBB to PDF Converter Software starts uploading and scanning the file and shows the count of email file scanned. Recursive listing of a file is shown after the completion of the scan process.


Select the desired email files which you want to convert. Click on Export button. Next windows pane opens which ask you to select the PDF file from seven different file format available there by default. Customize your resultant PDF file by using the PDF settings option. At last provide the destination path to the PDF files


I am working as the associate Professor at the University of Columbia. I was performing research on the Principle of Informatics. By mistake, I have made changes in the meta files of the system due to this reason I do not have access to my data files including mail files also. I might think that they become corrupt. These email files have all the necessary details about my research work and I do not want to lose it any cost. The estimated size of the file is about 10 GB including attachments.


The Challenges and Issues

When Converting from TBB to PDF the challenges and the issues which comes are: -

  • Can I recover all my email files without losing any information?
  • Can I convert bulk TBB file to PDF?
  • Are the attachments converted to PDF?
  • Is metadata retains?
  • Any option available to set the size of Pdf?


The Solution

Recovering the emails from the corrupt email file is the tedious process. This becomes more complex when metadata information also has to recover. There is one tool available which surely lower your tension and high blood pressure and the tool is TBB to PDF Converter. It is the phenomenal innovation in the field of email recovery. It includes all the keygen features which remarkably converts normal, corrupted and highly corrupted data to Pdf file format. It also recovers the soft delete or permanently deleted email file. It maintains the folder structure and retains exact metadata information. There are 23 pdf sizes are available by default to choose from and option to set the orientation of pdf file as well.


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How MailPRO+ Works?


Is The Bat! Installation necessary for the conversion of TBB to PDF?


No, There is not the requirement of Bat installation for the conversion process. The TBB to PDF Converter tool is working stand alone to convert the TBB files to PDF file.


What is the file size limitation of TBB to PDF Converter?


The Pro Version of TBB to PDF Converter tool do not impose any limitation on the file size. But there are restrictions on the Demo version of the tool. You can only convert 10 TBB files or maximum 2GB files to the PDF format.


Will the TBB to PDF Exporter tool remove duplicate email before the conversion?


Yes, There is the option available to remove the duplicate email file.

I have used many PDF conversion tools whether it is online or offline. I did not get sophisticated output. I have wasted my precious time and money on that ridiculously bad tool. Unfortunately or Luckily I got to Know about the TBB to PDF Converter tool. I used the demo version of the software and stunned for some time to see the performance of this amazing tool.

Charles Blake, England

One of the best Conversion tool I have ever used in my 30 years long career in IT industry. So glad to have such nice and competent to convert my bulk tbb files to pdf. Thanks to the TBB to PDF Converter developer team.

Jonathan Hall, Sydney

To save the TBB files in the format which is less vulnerable to malicious software and provides the usage restrictions and monitoring as well. PDF is one of such format which is independent of the application, hardware and the operating system. It is to easy share the PDF file on the different system, therefore, provides the interoperability to data. You can easily view your document page-by-page as they appear in their printed form. PDF file retains their layout so there are no errors occurs when viewing files on the different system. The PDF is easily adaptable for file sharing. Therefore you will definitely need the TBB to PDF Converter tool.

Demo Version Limitations and Upgrade Benefits
Features Free (DEMO) Version Full (PRO) Version
Add  TBB  Files in Bulk
Preview Email Data
Export in More than seven file Formats
Support all Windows version including Windows 10
Add Files of any size
10 Files per Collection
Unlimited Collection
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