TBB to CSV Converter

Convert BAT! TBB Files to CSV Format in Batch

  • Astonishing Features of TBB to CSV Migrator
  • Export TBB Emails to CSV format with an ease
  • Import TBB email headers to CSV magnificently
  • Utility to Convert TBB files to CSV format in bulk
  • Renders an advance search option to explore data
  • Compatible with all the Windows Operating Systems
  • Holds data integrity while converting from TBB to CSV

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  • Apart from The Bat! TBB Emails to CSV, the Software Converts TBB files in more than seven file formats.
  • Software supports more than 14 Email Client Platform

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Working- TBB to CSV Exporter


Once after downloading the software, install it. Afterwards run it in your system. While, running the utility, a pop-up window appears with two options:

  • Make new collection
  • Open earlier collection


While creating a new collection, fill all the necessary fields i.e., title, collection path, description. Choose Add option to save details of the collection.


Once, the new collection is made, select source file as .csv from the storage location. Choose mode i.e., bulk, single, and find. Navigate for Add option and select it.


The utility scans files keeping mails in check. You can even export selective emails to CSV file format. To perform this in bulk, opt for export option present in search bar.


Choose the destination files as CSV from default file location. Opt for eliminate duplicate option. Navigate search location to save the files as .csv and hit on OK button.

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I work in a Pharmacy. I handle a team of more than 50 persons. It becomes quite difficult for me to maintain the record of emails. Moreover, I want to import TBB emails to CSV so that I can maintain the database easily. I need a way through which I can export TBB email along with email headers in CSV. The question that arises in my mind is how to convert TBB to CSV format via tool?


The Challenges and Issues

There are so many issues encountered while performing the conversion. Many users report these types of issues. Few of them are jotted below with an aim to resolve them.

  • Using TBB to CSV migrator, can we export TBB emails to CSV format?
  • Does TBB to CSV exporter allows to import TBB email headers to CSV?
  • Is it possible to export all the TBB emails to CSV format in batch files?
  • Does utility takes care of integrity of data while performing conversion?
  • Is TBB Emails to CSV utility supported by all the Windows Operating Systems


The Solution

While going through the challenges and issues section, we calculated that main thing that users want to get is export all the emails. Moreover, the conversion is to be performed in batch taking all the email headers. So, the solution to their problem is that the TBB to CSV converter is capable of performing each and every thing. So, the users need not to worry about anything. Moreover, the utility is designed in such a way that it maintains the integrity of the data while converting the data items. So, users can easily rely on product.


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How MailPRO+ Works?


Is the software able to transfer TBB email headers to CSV format?


Yes, using the utility email headers can be migrated also.


Is the tool compatible with all the new or old versions of Windows?


Yes,the tool works in every environment or platform easily.


Does the tool allow the user to import all TBB files to CSV form in bulk?


Yes, it is possible to convert the files in bulk using the converter.


Does utility hold integrity of data while performing the conversion of files?


Yes,TBB to CSV converter maintains data integrity while conversion.

The best utility I have seen in my entire life. I had to maintain large databases. So, I was always worried how to perform so in TBB form. Then, I came across TBB to CSV migrator utility. The tool worked so fast that it converted all my TBB files to CSV in a single shot. Now, I am able to maintain the records. Thank you tool!

Robert Farmer- Russia

I had so many TBB files to be exported in CSV format. I wanted a tool on which I can rely in terms of batch conversion. This thing made me awake many nights as I was in a deep trouble. Then, one day while surfing, I came across TBB to CSV migrator tool and what id did was not less than a tool. Thank you Team!

Karim- Switzerland

The TBB to CSV converter tool is considered as a robust tool with an advance search feature to explore and view all the emails. Moreover, the tool comprises of many features that add more value to the product. The utility is designed using a user-friendly approach. The designing algorithm used in the product is so magnificent that it is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems.

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Add Files of any size
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Add File of any size
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Unlimited Collection
Preview Email Data
Price Free $299
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